Imagine a neighborhood with free childcare and elder care, weekly potlucks, frequent freecycle days, linked backyard gardens and food forests, pedestrian traffic only along tree and berry and flower-lined paths that wind between the homes.

Imagine a neighborhood that works like an extended family, with the local retired doctor making house calls, the local troublemaker bugging the local professor for tips on getting her video on youtube, the local “bicycle car” (coming soon) making farmer’s market deliveries from just down the street, the local entymologist giving tips on garden pests, the local gardeners sharing and saving seeds.

Imagine what might be possible if we turn toward each other instead of toward our TVs, malls, jobs, or sports stadiums.

Imagine reknitting the social fabric so it works for us…

This could be our neighborhood…

Send us your visions.

Come visit us at 5 Chapel for our Tuesday potucks (5-7 pm beginning Sept 9) .

Invite us over and we’ll be happy to come!!